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Kreadiv Pilates philosophy


Krē’ādiv is the way to say creative in German, the country Pilates was founded in by Joseph Pilates. At Krē’ādiv Pilates, creativity comes in the form of modifications/challenges to meet the needs of every body. Creatively honing in on the desire within everyone, to feel comfortable and good in their own skin.

The methods we use at Krē’ādiv Pilates are what make us so unique. We find out what’s important to you and design a customized regiment based on what your body needs. This allows us to help you achieve your goals in record time. We have everything you need—knowledge, experience and equipment. Get started today!

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Meet Amy






A little bit about Krē’ādiv instructor and owner, Amy. I recently moved to Midland after living out of state for the last 12 years. I found my passion in Stott pilates while taking a pilates course at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City in 2009. Once I received my  Bachelors of Science in Health Science at the University of South Dakota and working in the operating room for 10 years, I was finally able to pursue my dream career of becoming a Certified Stott Pilates instructor. I enjoy seeing the body change as a person learns what Pilates can do for their overall health and body over the course of repeated exercises. I’m excited to teach you and get to know you along the way!

I have worked with a range of different body conditions from spine, joint, hip, muscle rehab to clients recovering from cancer. I have also worked with hockey players, dancers, golfers, runners and people looking to keep mobilized as they age. I have over 2,000 hours of training groups and individuals and know how to modify to make an exercise more challenging or less challenging to enhance mind-body connection.

Stott Certified in Mat & Reformer 2018

Stability Chair and injuries & special populations trained

TRX Certified 2020

Above Barre Certified 2020

CPR Adult Certified Sept 2022

Precision Nutrition coach Level 1 January 2023


"Workout now to establish strength and good habits to carry with you as you age. No matter what age you are, you can bring back function to your body. You don't have to feel your age, that is a conditioning that can be reconditioned. You can feel great every day with the proper training." -Amy


STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary method of pilates backed up by modern day knowledge of exercise sciences and research. Stott provides functional movement, biomechanics, fascia engagement as well as core strength.

Kreadiv pilates TRX


Suspension Trainer & Rip Trainer

The TRX suspension trainer uses your body angle (vector resistance), changing standing position ( stability principal) and adjusting starting position (pendulum principal) to either modify for rehab or new to fitness clients or add progression to challenge anyone who is ready to take their fitness to the next level. 

The Rip Trainer uses elastic resistance to to challenge vector resistance and stability while using power movements. This takes coordination and engages every muscle for every exercise.


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