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In person & virtual

Whether it's been a while since you worked out or your’re ready to incorporate another type of exercise that is unique to your routine, 1 on 1 private training is a great option for you. Along with feeling great after your done, here are a few things to expect. Tailored programming that meets your goals along with the finding from assessments. By getting personalized attention, you can have the confidence in yourself by gaining body awareness and doing the exercises properly. After 3 sessions, you will feel the difference happening in your body and muscles.

Tight/sore muscles? We can help release fascia using tools to relax muscles so you can feel the exercise movements in the correct places.

Pricing ranges $272-696 a month
depending on frequency, what's going on with your body, budget, and what I suggest. 

Kreadiv pilates semi private

Reformer Semi private

2 person sessions, 50 minutes

Feel the difference in your body with Pilates! Book a session and  have fun working out on a reformer (sessions can be fused with props/equipment TRX, Barre, Bosu, jumpboard/cardiotramp and slam balls so no two sessions are ever the same. This also helps keep you engaged in the moment and confuse your muscle for faster results!)

Highly recommend doing an intro private lesson first if you haven't used a reformer before. This is for anyone that wants to workout with a friend or a significant other.

Pricing ranges $180- $420 a month depending on frequency and can cover individual or if paying together a package that covers 2 peoples sessions. 


Workout with your teen!

Take time to do a class with you and your teen bonding. Learn to move your body different AND give the gift of pilates to your teen! They will learn to coordinate great habits to move and balance muscles that will help them with their posture and how their body reacts in stress.

Pricing ranges $300- $520 a month depending on frequency. This covers both people.

Woman with Pilates Mat

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body"                      - Joseph Pilates

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